Bellerose Terrace

Bellerose Terrace is a hamlet and census-designated location (CDP) located in the Town of Hempstead in Nassau County, on Long Island, New York, United States. There were 2,329 residents living there at the time of the census of 2020.

Based on the United States Census Bureau, the CDP is 0.1 sq miles (0.26 km2) and comprises the entire island. Bellerose Terrace is located on the eastern border of Queens County. It is located near neighborhoods like Bellerose, Queens in New York City, and the Village of Bellerose in Long Island, Nassau County to the east, Floral Park to the southeast, and Elmont to the south.

The Floral Park-Bellerose Free School District serves Bellerose Terrace for elementary education, and The Sewanhaka Central High School District provides secondary instruction. The elementary school district is fed by it.

In the census of 2010, there were 2198 individuals, 633 households, and 544 families within the CDP. The density of the population of the CDP was 22,212.2 per sq mile (8,328.2/km2). The CDP had 587 dwelling units, with an average of 6,683.2/sq miles (2,505.8/km2). The composition in the CDP was 49.5 percent White, 8.4% African American, 0.1% Native American, 28.1% Asian, 0.00% Pacific Islander, 10.4% from other races, and 3.5 percent of three or more races. Hispanics or Latinos of any race comprised 25.8 percent of the population.

Six homes were in existence in Long Island, NYC, of which 41.9 percent had children younger than 18 years old. 66.8 percent had married couples that lived together, 13.3 had a woman householder without a husband present, and 14.1 percent were not families. 11.2 percent of households were comprised of people with no spouses, and 4.3 percent of households had someone living in a home that was aged 65 or older. Or older. The median household size was 3.47, and the average size of a family was 3.76.

The median income of households in the CDP is $92,750, and the median for an entire family of four was $96,094. Males earned a median of $52,617, compared to $53,478 females. The per capita income of the CDP ranged from $31,802 to. Around 3.8 percent of households and 3.8 percent of the population lived below the poverty level, not including any younger than 18 years old and 10.8 percent of people 65 or older. In the 2012 American Community Survey, 29.9 percent of families earn between $100,000 to $199,000, and 15.3 percent make $200,000 or more. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Long Island


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