Bellerose is a neighborhood of middle-class situated on the eastern side of the New York City borough of Queens, which lies between the borders between Queens and Nassau County, Long Island, New York City. It borders Bellerose Village and Bellerose Terrace, located in Nassau County, from which Jericho Turnpike is the only way to separate the two. The northern part of Bellerose is separated from the rest of the Nassau boundary by the area that is Floral Park, Queens, to the east. It is separated from Little Neck Parkway.

The neighborhood is mainly comprised of detached homes inhabited by Indian Americans, European Americans, and middle and working-class people. The northeastern part of Queens Village is sometimes referred to as being part of Bellerose. Still, it’s also known as Bellerose Manor, which the U.S. Postal Service recognizes as an “acceptable alternate” to Queens Village and Jamaica in postal addresses. 

Bellerose is situated inside Queens Community District 13. Its ZIP Code is 11426. The area is patrolled by New York City Police Department’s 105th Precinct.


Based on the data of the Census of 2010, the United States Census, the population of Bellerose in Long Island, NYC was 25,287. This is 823 (3.4 percent) of the 24,464 recorded in 2000. It covered an area of 1,258.85 acres (509.44 ha). The area had an average density of 20.1 inhabitants per acre (12,900/sq miles or 5000/km2). The ethnic makeup of the area was 31.5 percent (7,974), White, 7.4 percent (1,882) African American, 0.2 percent (61) Native American, 38.8 percent (9,821) Asian, 0.2 percent (41) Pacific Islander, 2.0 percent (494) in other races and 3.7 percent (936) of at least two races. Hispanics and Latinos of any race made up 16.1 percent (4,078) of the total population.


Bellerose’s public schools are run through Bellerose’s public schools are run by the New York City Department of Education. Most of the schools are located in District 26, but some parts are part of District 29. The closest high school to the neighborhood is Martin Van Buren High School, Queens Village. It is the Queens Public Library thatThe Queens Public Library operates the Bellerose branch located at 25006 Hillside Avenue. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Long Island


The New York City Bus system provides service to Bellerose with the Q43 and X68 along Hillside Avenue. Buses on Union Turnpike include the Q46, QM6, and QM36. The Q36 bus located on Little Neck Parkway runs on days off. Nassau Inter-County Express also serves it on the n22route, the n24 and the N26. Hillside Avenue, Jamaica Avenue, and Union Turnpike are the major east-west roads. There is also the Cross Island Parkway is the principal north-south arterial. The nearest railroad station can be found at the Bellerose station, which is located just outside the city limits, in the Hempstead Branch of the Long Island Rail Road. The Elmont station will be constructed within the next 2021-2023 timeframe.

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