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Professional Earwig Pest Control New York City NY

The earwig is known in some countries as the insect that infested the human brain. An old tale claims the insect entered the human brain through the ear canal. Once inside the brain, the insect reproduced. The origin of the tale is a mystery. With no evidence available, the story is just that, nothing more or nothing less.

The adult grows up to 2 inches in length. The largest species of the earwig is the Saint Helena giant, which is 3 inches in length. There are more than 900 members of the Dermaptera order. Dermaptera members have long, slender bodies with appendages that protrude from the abdomen. The appendages have been deemed “cerci.” Earwigs utilize their cerci to rip through materials to access food, during copulation, and to fight off predators.

The earwig is comprised of both wingless and winged species. Winged earwigs do not utilize their flying capabilities but rarely.

Why Is My New York City Home Under An Earwig Threat?

Small gaps, crevices, holes, and cracks are utilized by earwigs to infiltrate homes and commercial and government buildings. Earwigs are what insects are nocturnal, as they are active at night. Infestations are rare since the earwig is a solitary insect, do not colonize.

Earwigs are also “overwintering pests,” insects that spend the winter season in a dormant state similar to that of hibernation. Immediately following Overwintering earwigs generally do not eat or reproduce after a home infiltration. The mere fact, the earwig does not ingest after infiltration, rules out the risk of food- and water-borne illnesses associated with contaminated food.

In the human living space, earwigs can be found hiding underneath kitchen and bathroom sinks, in saunas, basements, and crawlspaces. Earwigs prefer dark, damp hiding places to dry, dark hiding places.

What Is The Best Earwig Pest Control In New York City?

Even though earwigs are not known to infest their victims’ homes, they are often accompanied by other insect species. The insect utilizes the same access points as other insects. Access points around vulnerable door thresholds, window frames, basement vents, and air conditioner ductwork. All the same access points are utilized by other insects, such as the stinkbug, ladybug, centipede, and ants.

Earwigs are drawn to mercury vapor lighting, which should be replaced by sodium vapor lighting. This will help make the front of your home less attractive to earwigs and other insect species after dark.

To prevent further issues, it is recommended to seal all access points with a waterproof sealant.

What Time Will The Exterminator Arrive At My Home On The Scheduled Appointment Date?

If the appointment is scheduled at 10 am, the exterminator will be about five minutes before the appointment. While you are waiting on the exterminator to arrive, we highly suggest preparing your home by removing pets and young children. This will help keep the process going smoothly to ensure the most effective, speediest results.

We need at least 24 hours to process pest control service requests.

Do Earwigs Pose A Threat To Humans And Animals?

No, earwigs do not infest homes or cause foodborne illness in humans. The biggest threat is a mess related to fecal matter. It is crucial to vacuum your home thoroughly, targeting the insect’s most common hiding places. Utilize the vacuum to suction up live insects and if possible release them back into the environment.

Do Earwig Pesticides Contain Harmful Ingredients?

Chemical pesticides do contain chemicals that may harm the environment when improperly handled, administered, and transported. It is best to stick with the manufacturer’s recommendations to avoid unnecessary exposure.

We partner with New York’s top pesticide manufacturers. These companies have taken the necessary steps to obtain authorization from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The government agency is responsible for the oversight of pesticides in the United States.

To protect our clients from pesticide exposure, we never treat homes while they are occupied with humans and/or animals.

How Can I Protect My New York City Home From A Repeat Earwig Infestation?

The first step is to seal all access points that are accessible to earwig. Utilize caulk or silicone if at all possible to ensure the best seal. If necessary, you may need to fill in medium-sized holes with foam insulation and large openings with metal sheeting or plywood.

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