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We Also Offer K9 Sniffing/Detection Services in NYC! Use the BEST Detection Method!

Bed Bug Inspection Dog
  • We can inspect your home for bed bugs, or even other biting insects – We will tell you what is REALLY going on!
  • If our bed bug detection dog finds bed bugs, we will show you the bed bug.
  • A K9 inspection is important if you are noticing bites but cannot see any bugs. If you see bed bugs, you dont need a canine!
  • Need a FREE bed bug evaluation? We can do that over the phone! If you need a K9 inspection, we can definitely help you for an additional charge. Call Us to find out!

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Your home is your sanctuary. When you return home, after a tough day’s work, you will want to get comfortable and relax. You should have no worries or discomforts when sitting in your home. There are various things that could destroy your home’s serenity, but nothing could be worse than a bug infestation. If bugs take over your home, you’ll have difficulty relaxing and you’ll feel awkward about inviting friends over. If your home has been infested with bed bugs, you’ll never get a good night’s sleep again!

Before you begin exploring solutions to your bed bug problem, you will want to find out exactly how these pests can infiltrate your home. The best bed bug exterminator in NYC can help you with this process. Below, you will discover how these pesky critters could’ve entered your home.

  • Bed bugs can hide in clothing. If you invite over friends with bed bugs, it is highly likely that these bugs will jump off and take up shelter in your home.
  • Buying used furniture and chairs can also give these bugs access to your home. They’ll hide within the cracks and crevices of these items, until they infiltrate your home and then they’ll spread like wildfire.
  • Take note that these bugs can live in clothing, linens, luggage and other similar items. Bringing home these items can potentially cause your home to become infected.

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Determining whether or not your home has been infested can be difficult. Some will never know, until they’re bitten. Others will be forced to capture one, before they will be able to confirm their presence. If you believe that you might be facing a bed bug problem, you will want to rely on the following tips, which has been provided by the most prestige bedbug exterminator in NYC.

  • When you wake up in the morning, you should inspect your body for small bite marks. Take special care to check your legs, back and arms. Also, you should carefully inspect areas that make contact with your mattress. These are usually target areas for bed bugs, so you will definitely be able to find bite marks in these areas, if your home has been infested. The bites will resemble a compilation of small welts. They will also be really red and very itchy!
  • After you’ve gotten out of bed, you should inspect your pillowcases and mattress covers for signs of bed bugs. Look closely for small blood stains. These pests constantly seek out blood and they’ll leave small stains behind. If you find a generous amount of red bloodstains on your bed, your home has most likely been infested by bed bugs.
  • You should also look for dark spots on your mattress, headboards and chairs. Bed bugs are notorious for leaving behind large amounts of excrement. This will be very visible and will resemble small dark stains. If you find dark stains and red bloodstains, you can almost guarantee that you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation.
  • Giving your house a smell test can also help. You should take note of musty odors, as this could be the sign of bed bugs.
  • Finally, you should consider trying to trap a bed bug. This is the best surefire way to confirm a bed bug infestation. Although these bugs can be difficult to catch, there are some product and tapes that can help. If you’ve managed to catch a bed bug, you should make contact with our organization immediately.

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We are located in the beautiful New York and are here to serve you in your time of need. Not only do we eradicate bed bug infestations, but we do routine follow up checks to make sure that they stay away from your home. We guarantee that all services provided to the community are up to par and we work diligently to satisfy all of our customers.

We utilize high-quality extermination technology and techniques to rid your home of bed bugs, roaches, rats, silverfish, termites, and other pesky critters. Our benefits are limitless:

  1. Our Exterminators work without disturbing you and your family. We understand how frustrating and bothersome it can be to be plagued by bed bugs, this is why we pledge to enter your home and work quietly, so we do not interfere with your everyday living.
  2. All of our products and exterminating techniques are environmentally friendly and will not harm the environment. You will not be required to vacate your home, while the exterminators are doing their job to get rid of your bed bug infestation
  3. Not only do we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our services, but we will work with you to find a suitable treatment for your pest infestation. Once we devise and set a plan in place, we will work diligently until your home is completely free of bed bugs.
  4. It is important to note that bed bug infestations can occur anywhere including commercial, residential, and medical facilities. If your home is infested with pesky critters, you most likely picked them up from a motel, college dormitoryhospital, or even a fancy resort.
  5. The services provided by the EZ Bed bug are completely efficient. When you’re ready, you’ll want to contact us, so we can discuss your problem and provide you with a quote.
  6. This bed bugs pest control team offers a discreet service. You should know that having bed bugs doesn’t mean that you have not properly cleaned your home. You have just become a victim of Mother Nature. Don’t worry, because we’ll take care of the problem in a discreet manner, so your neighbors will be unaware of the situation.
  7. It should be known that eliminating bed bugs isn’t exactly cheap. Although our services are somewhat costly, we can guarantee that we’ll deliver a 100% effective solution to your bed bug problem. Many NYC bed bug exterminators offer a cheap service, but their solutions are ineffective and will allow the bed bugs to continue thriving in your home. With our service, you can guarantee that your home will be eliminated entirely of bed bugs!

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We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you eradicate your bed bud infestation. Do not hesitate to give us a call to obtain your free estimation. Do not forget that we offer a variety of extermination services that are capable of ridding your home of all pests.

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We Are Your Top Choice For Your Manhattan Based – New York Bed Bug Pest Control Near Me

Hello and welcome. Have you recently concluded that your home has become infested with bedbugs? When you’ve come to this realization, you will likely feel distraught and hopeless. While bedbugs are undeniably frightening and difficult to eliminate, you should know that we’re here to help. We sincerely believe that we’re the best bed bug exterminator in New York and we’re more than happy to help. Bedbugs are not going to eliminate themselves and therefore, you should consider making contact with our company as quickly as possible.

Below, you will learn a little more about our bed bug exterminator firm and the services we offer.

The Services We Offer

Before going any further, we would like consumers to learn a little more about our bed bug service options. While we focus heavily on extermination, this isn’t the only service we offer. We are one of the most versatile bed bug extermination firms and we happily offer a wide assortment of services to better accommodate the consumer’s precise needs. First and foremost, our company offers inspections. Are you worried that your home could be overrunning with bedbugs, but you’re not 100% sure? We use a bed bug sniffing dog in NYC (optional) to carry out our inspections and to determine whether or not the consumer’s home is indeed infected.

We also offer consultation and maintenance. With our assistance, we can help you bug-proof your home. Our consultation service will help to reduce the potential for bedbugs and other pests infiltrating your home. And finally, we also offer exterminations. If you’re positive that your home is indeed infested, we’ll be able to help you fix the problem in a jiffy. Whether you need help from our bed bug dog inspection service or are ready to eliminate the bugs, you should contact us immediately.

Cost Effective

We sincerely understand that the average bed bug exterminator cost can be immensely expensive. Nevertheless, consumers need to realize that the price can vary from one firm to the next. Our company strongly believes in providing the consumer with the most cost-effective service possible. In order to achieve this goal, we’ll provide quotes and also use the most efficient solutions. Chemical sprays can be incredibly expensive, since they eventually need to be replenished. This is not the case with our heat treatments. We’ll get the job done, while simultaneously helping the consumer save money.

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We're Insured

While you’re at it, you should understand the importance of choosing a company that is insured. Failing to choose an insured company could potentially put yourself in a very risky situation. If something goes wrong, you will be left holding the bag and will be liable for fixing the damages on your own. If someone is injured in your home, you’ll be responsible for paying their medical bills. This will never be a problem with us! When you’re trying to eliminate bed bugs, you need to choose us. Our company is capable of getting the job done, while greatly reducing the risks involved.

Our company is completely insured and the risks are totally minimized. Should anything go wrong in your home, you will not be responsible. Our company’s insurance will cover these costs.

Stacked With Previous Experience

When it comes to hiring a bed bug treatment team one of the most important qualifications is past experience. Our bed bugs removal company is packed with technicians that have years and years of experience. We have techs that have dealt with just about every possible situation that you could imagine when it comes to bed bugs. This is important because certain situation may require different solutions than others.

There really is no one-stop solution for removing bed bugs. For instance, customers in apartments and condos may require different bed bugs pest control treatments than single-family homes. We have different techs are experienced in apartment, condo, commercial, residential, and even industrial situations. Whatever the situation or type of infestation that you are facing there is a good chance that one of our techs have faced it before and know exactly how to handle it.

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Free Quotes

We understand that choosing a bed bug exterminator can be difficult. There are so many different companies out there and all the prices vary. The reason that bed bug extermination prices vary is because there are so many different treatments available.

This is why we are willing to send a trained tech out to your home to not only give you a free quote, but to survey the situation and give you the best solution to your problem. Instead of just giving you a simple quote or techs will give you the best treatment options available for the situation that you are facing.

Backed By A Warranty

Our company wants to be recognized as the best bed bug treatments in NYC and we do this by backing all of our work with warranties. Anytime one of our techs comes out to your home and charges you for a job, that job will be backed by a warranty. Fighting bed bugs can be a difficult task and sometimes it takes several different visits to completely eradicate the creatures.

If for any reason out techs missed something or you feel that we did not do the job properly out company we will be happy to come back out and complete the work again free of charge. Our warranties are among some of the best and protect our customers in the highest regards.

Courteous And Communicative

Bed bugs treatment NYC is not only expensive, but it can be complicated. There are lots of different treatment options available for different situations and all of them vary in price. This is why out techs are trained to take the time to communicate with the customers in the best way possible.

Our techs will not only take the time to explain things to you, but they will point them out to you. For instance, if during an inspect out techs spot something unexpected they will take the time to comes get you, explain the situation to you, and physically show you what is going on in that area of the home. Our techs are some of the nicest people that you will meet.

We Eliminate Fleas

Fleas can be very problematic for pets and your family. Fleas are not capable of transmitting diseases to humans or animals. Nevertheless, they’re still very dangerous and risky. If your pet becomes overrun with fleas, the problem is going to spread throughout your home and begin impacting you and your family members. Getting rid of fleas can be tough. Getting an infestation can be very easy. If your neighbor’s dog gets infested, you’re next.

With that being said, you need to take steps to eliminate the problem as quickly as possible. Flea sprays and collars might not be very effective. In fact, the sprays can be a little dangerous. This is why you need to work with a professional pest control firm in NYC. A professional will be able to rectify the problem without putting anyone in a risky situation. And, they’ll take steps to protect your animals.


Roaches are really one of the most feared household pests on the planet. When your home is infested, the problem is going to compound very, very quickly. Roaches are capable of breeding and reproducing very rapidly. You need to take action immediately or the problem is going to spiral out of control. We strongly recommended that you get in touch with us. Roaches can cause serious health problems. The over the counter solutions are just as dangerous. Our company is here to help. We offer the solutions that you’re after at the prices that you deserve.

We can eliminate roaches without putting anyone in a compromising situation. When you work with us, your home will be free of roaches before you know it.

Rats & Mice

Nothing is worse than rats and mice. These pests are downright dangerous. After all, rats and mice are capable of transmitting diseases to you, your family members and your pets. Plus, these animals are downright annoying, scary and nasty. When you spot a rat or mice in your home, you can guarantee that you’re going to be frightened. Unfortunately, those old proven methods no longer work as effective as they used to. Mouse traps can be effective, but they’re inhumane and will require you to clean up the mess.

Our team can help. We offer the most professional and humane solutions. We can get rid of those bedbugs in the quickest and most convenient manner. If you want to protect your family from the risks, you need to get rid of rats and mice immediately. Get in touch with us. We’ll solve your problem right away. Plus, we’ll take steps to ensure that nobody is going to be put in harm’s way.


Spiders are downright dangerous. After all, some spiders are deadly! You just never know what type of spider you’re dealing with. It might be harmless, but it could be deadly. Unless you’re a professional, you won’t know until it is too late. If you attempt to eliminate the spiders on your own, you can guarantee that you’re going to be taking a major risk. It is highly recommended that you do not take these risks. If you do, you might be bitten. In return, you could wind up suffering a deadly bite.

Working with a professional exterminator in New York City is your best bet. A professional will be able to assume the risks, so you do not have to. Our company is here to help. We offer the solutions that you’re after at the prices that you deserve. We will take steps to ensure that your home is completely free of spiders. Plus, we’re going to take steps to protect you and your family members. We will never put anyone in harm’s way when eradicating those dangerous spiders.


Mosquitoes are very annoying. Plus, they’re capable of transmitting diseases. Some of the diseases transmitted by mosquitoes have actually been deadly. You might be able to swat and kill a few mosquitoes, but this isn’t enough. Mosquitoes tend to travel in packs. If you kill one, you can guarantee that twenty more are on the way. And, they’re going to bite you all over your body. If you do not get rid of them right away, there is a possibility that you’re going to be bitten. In return, you might contract a dangerous disease.

Most people do not understand how dangerous mosquitoes really are. In fact, they’re one of the most dangerous pests on the planet. You probably won’t be able to eliminate them completely on your own. Getting in touch with us is best. Our company will ensure that you’re able to get rid of those mosquitoes as quickly as possible. We’ll take over this responsibility and help you avoid the risks involved.


Most consumers in NYC have heard about termites at some point or another. Our pest control company in New York City is aware of the risks associated with termites and we’re aware that you might not be. Termites are not going to cause you any physical harm. After all, they only eat wood. Nevertheless, they’re just as dangerous and risky as other household pests. This is why we recommend that you do not delay. Get in touch with a professional exterminator immediately. Our company is capable of eliminating termites and preventing them from devaluing your home.

We’ll get rid of those termites and ensure that they never return. With our assistance, you’ll be able to remove the termites and restore your sanity. We are the most professional and reliable pest control firm in NYC and we believe that our services are better than the rest. Our solutions are designed to save you money and help you avoid potential health complications. When you’re ready to get rid of those termites, you should not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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Why We’re The Best

Before going any further, you should truly recognize yourself with the benefits of choosing our company. We strive to be the very best extermination firm in the state of New York and we’ll help you get the job done correctly, conveniently and quickly. The benefits of working with our experts are listed below.

  • We use the bed bug dog for detection (optional).
  • We’re capable of getting the job done quickly, efficiently and conveniently.
  • We only use safe solutions to eliminate bedbugs.
  • We’re happy to perform the project in a covert manner. When working with us, you’ll never have to worry about anyone finding out about your problem.
  • We offer quotes to ensure you get the cheapest price possible.

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Are you sick and tired of residing alongside disgusting bedbugs? Today is the today to take action and reclaim your home. Our company is here, services all of manhattan and we’re ready to help. When you’re ready to begin, you should pick up the phone and make contact with us. We’ll help eliminate those bugs or use a bed bug sniffing dog to identify the problem.

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