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All pests will lead to a nightmare for New York City residents. Nevertheless, most will agree that rodents are worse than many of the others. Rodents are dangerous, destructive, and hideous. When they decide to invade your home, fix the problem or risk getting sick. Many rodent species inhabit our service. Before you can find a solution to the problem, it is pertinent to take steps to identify the species. Two of the most common rodent species in New York City are house mice and deer mice. Both species are similar, but there are a few notable differences.

House mice are small and mostly hairless. They are either black or light brown. They leave droppings that are smelly and black. Deer mice are bi-colored with long tails. Again, they leave droppings that have a foul odor.

Rodent Infestation Signs

It is important to learn more about the signs of a rodent infestation. Once you’ve done that, you’ll know how to identify a problem as soon as it occurs.

  • Your home is full of rodent droppings
  • You’ve found a few rodent nests
  • Scratch and chew marks are found on your furniture, walls, and food containers
  • You can hear them moving through your home at night

Finding Mouse Droppings

You need to learn how to pinpoint mouse droppings in your home. In general, they range in size from 3 to 6mm. They’re granular and long. The droppings look like rice. You’ll find mouse droppings around your home. However, they’ll mostly be found near nesting and breeding spots.

Why Rodents Are In Your Home

Are you interested in learning why rodents have invaded your home? The reason is easy to figure out. Your home provides rodents with everything they need to thrive. When they enter your home, they’ll receive access to food, water, and shelter. They’ll chew through your food containers and eat the food in question. They can also eat food crumbs on your floor.

Primary Rodent Concerns

When rodents invade your home, you have serious concerns to deal with. The problem is that rodents can transmit a handful of dangerous diseases. You cannot ignore the problem or you might get sick. Rodents urinate and poop everywhere. There is always a risk that they’re going to drop feces and contaminate your food sources. If this happens, you might eat the food and develop a serious illness. Rodents can spread numerous illnesses, including Hemorrhagic fever, Lassa fever, Rat-Bite Fever, and Plague.

In addition to this, they tend to carry fleas and ticks. If you have pets, they’ll likely experience issues. Rodents can destroy your belongings. They’ll chew through your furniture and baseboards. In some cases, they’ll also chew through electrical cables. When they do this, they will dramatically increase the likelihood that you’re going to have a house fire.


  • Rodents contaminate food sources
  • Due to contamination, they can spread salmonella and other illnesses
  • They’ll cause structural damage to your property
  • When chewing through electric wires, they’ll increase the risk of an electrical fire

Removing Rodents From Your Dwelling

It is pertinent to find a way to fix this problem as swiftly as possible. You can use several methods to eliminate rodents, but some methods are more successful. Trying to fix the issue on your own could to additional problems. There is a risk that you’re going to use dangerous chemicals and expose your loved ones to those chemicals. You have to worry about hurting the environment as well. Our company has been dealing with rodent infestations for many years. We can tackle the problem efficiently.

When Can You Begin?

Contact our office immediately so we can begin helping you. We’ll get back to you in 48 hours or sooner.

Our Rodent Removal Services Are Safe

Our company strives to provide its clients with safe rodent treatments. Our exterminators work diligently to provide safe solutions. They’re precise and straight to the point. In addition to this, we only use EPA products because we want to keep you safe. We’ll do whatever we can to protect you, your loved ones, and your precious pets. Work with us and you can rest assured knowing you’ll be okay.

Stopping Rodents From Invading

Preventing rodent infestations is not easy. Nevertheless, you can take steps to prevent them from invading your home. If you want to maintain a pest-free home, you need to everything you can to stop them from invading. Using rodent-proofing materials is an effective way to keep them out of your home. Use these products to stop rodents from entering your home. You’ll also want to mow your lawn more often. Keep the grass low so you can stop rodents from hiding outside of your home. Use the tips below to keep rodents away.

  • Seal all gaps, cracks, and holes around your home.
  • Takes your garbage out at least once or twice a day. Store it in garbage bins with lids.
  • Keep your food in airtight containers with reliable lids.
  • Deal with messes as quickly as possible.
  • Keep your grass mowed to eliminate rodent hiding places.

Exterminating Rats, Mice And Rodents In The NYC Area

Have you ever had the unfortunate event of dealing with rats, mice or other annoying rodents? If so, you know that these critters are not only a nuisance, but they can pose serious health risks. Not to even mention all the destruction they can cause to your home. Mice, rats, and rodents are known through the extermination community for leaving behind bacterium in the fecal matter, which can contaminate anything that it comes into contact with. These critters are incredibly hard to eliminate from any home, as they are sly, sneaky, fast, and extremely stealthy. When you combine this with the disturbance that they can be, you are truly looking at one destructive situation.

Choosing A Professional To Eliminate The Rat, Mice Rodent Infestation

Dealing with rodents and critters of this manner is always best left to the professionals. Any certified and reputable company that specializes in rats, mice, and rodents should be able to eliminate the problem efficiently and effectively. However, the work doesn’t just stop on the extermination end of things. You need to make sure that the company eliminating the problem also seals the areas where these critters are coming in. This will block access and prevent any further intrusions.

Whether you are dealing with rats, rodents or mice you can give our company a call and we will be able to tackle the issue for you immediately. We employ some of the highest qualified and well-versed techs in the extermination industry, Our company not only strives to eliminate your infestation as soon as possible, but we make it our mission to prevent future problems. We want to work together with you to make your home a safer and more livable environment.

What You Need To Know About Our Services

No one wants to have to live side-by-side with these critters. Most people don’t even think about the issue until they are already dealing with a full-blown infestation. Sure, you have probably read online that mice, rodent, and rat elimination are as easy as placing a piece of cheese on a trap and sitting it in front of the critters access to the home. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Our company can truly provide you with the knowledge and tools that you need to eliminate your infestation for good. We utilize scientifically proven methods and cutting-edge technology that will prevent these critters from wreaking havoc on your home. Sure, there are a variety of other companies out there that can come out to your home, evaluate the situation and eliminate your rodent problem. Are they willing to go the extra mile like we are? We schedule 30-day follow visits with every one of our treatment options just to ensure that we have entirely eliminated your issue.

The Truth About Rodents

When people hear the term rodent they don’t completely understand everything that is involved with it. Sure, there are several different species of rodents, but the main ones that are found in homes and office in the New York area are squirrels, chipmunks, and gophers. However, it does really depend on the climate and where you are located, but these are without a doubt the most common in the New York area.

Most of the time these rodents will range in small to medium sizes, but they are incredibly social, as they like to travel and live in packs. During the colder months, these rodents can be even more of a problem because it is harder for them to find food and shelter. Most of the time people do realize that it is their own actions that cause these infestations. Everything from open food boxes to crumbs can cause these critters to infest the home. These critters are especially partial to cardboard, paper, and clothing.

Why You Need To Let Us Handle The Problem

Sure, you might be able to catch one or two of these rodents in a trap, but that doesn’t really resolve the issue. The very fact that these critters are getting into the home means that there is some kind of problem. In order to eliminate the problem effectively, you need to find out how these rodents are getting into the home and seal that entrance. This is where we can provide our expert services.

We will not only eliminate the problem entirely, but we will ensure that these trouble spots are sealed effectively. This will prevent future infestations in the home or office. Since these rodents leave contaminated fecal matter everywhere, getting rid of them is imperative if you want to promote a healthy and safe work or living environment.

Control And Extermination In The NYC Area

As a New York resident, it is highly likely that you have probably noticed rats and rodents everywhere you go. They’re in the streets, in the subway, and in the garbage. However, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be controlled. Our team of experts utilizes 100 percent effective methods that can remove these rodents from your home or office as fast as possible. These critters are about impossible to eliminate on your own, so let us do the hard work for you.

We will even have a team follow up thirty days after the initial treatment just to ensure that the problem is completely resolved.

As long as you live in New York you are going to have to deal with the critters, but our team can provide you with the knowledge, skills, and tools that you need to keep them at bay. We believe everyone deserves to live and work in a friendly and safe environment.

What You Need To Know About Our Rat Services

Everyone knows that the pizza rat is a huge star in the New York area, but no one wants him into his or her home. Sure, living in the New York area means that you are going to encounter a few rats here and there, but the minute you see one in the home you need to give us a call.

No one should ever have to fear the threat of rats in their home and that is what we strive to prevent. Rats are even harder to eliminate than mice. Let us use experience and technology to handle this issue for you.

When utilizing our methods we not only ensure that you are safe, but we ensure that we are employing the most effective methods possible. Once everything is all finished up we will even follow up after thirty days to ensure that we have completely eliminated the problem.

Everything You Need To Know About Rats

Most people just see a rat as a bigger version of a mouse, but this isn’t exactly true. Sure, these critters belong to the same family, but they have completely different genes that distinguish them. These most two common types of rats found in the home and business in the New York area will be the black and brown rat. They thrive off of food and food waste, which is commonly found throughout the homes and offices of New York.

Rats like mice are also social creatures. They work, live and thrive together. Along with this, they are extremely intelligent, as they can adapt to most environments. When you combine this with the fact that they reproduce quickly you could be looking at one destructive situation if you spot one in the home or office.

Why Hiring An Exterminator Is Your Best Option

Rats will be a problem for homes and businesses as long as they exist. The biggest problem that they pose is that they carry a number of diseases that are harmful to humans. In fact, they carry everything from the Bubonic plague to Lassa fever.

In addition to this, they are incredibly invasive and territorial. Once they move into a home or office they completely take over. They will eat your food or even steal your fabrics to create a nest for themselves.

Most residents of the New York area don’t know it, but when it comes to exposing of rodents and their nets there are very specific guidelines and standards that you must adhere to. Professionals in the industry are familiar with these regulations and know how to eliminate these rodents effectively. Give us a call and we can dispatch out a qualified tech to evaluate the situation and provide you with a quote for the best treatment options in the process.

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