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Professional Beetle Pest Control New York City NY

The beetle is a small pantry pest, an insect species that infiltrate homes to access a non-perishable food supply. The beetle species vary in size and color, all of which share most of the same physical characteristics. The most commonly reported beetle sightings in New York City include the powder post, ground, and longhorn. Scientists have identified thousands of species of beetles.

One unique beetle feature that is extremely rare in insects is poor vision. Beetles rely on their antennas to sense hot, cold, sound, movement (vibration), communicate, and odor.

Why Are Beetles Attacking My New York City Property?

Like many insect species, the beetle is drawn to decaying wood. In their natural habitat, beetles can be found living under stacks of firewood and lumber, inside rotting trees, underneath piles of leaves, and inside fence posts, deck railing, and mailbox posts constructed from wood.

These insects are also drawn to bright lights shining through the windows of homes and businesses. When the beetle activity is at its highest, it would not be unusual for the insects to infiltrate your home after dark if you happen to leave your door open and unattended for a few minutes.

Do Beetles Transmit Disease To Humans?

No, beetles do not have contagious or infectious diseases. However, beetles still pose health risks to humans of all ages due to their reckless behavior. These insects consume household waste, organic materials, specific plant species, smaller insects, and stored food products – dry cereals, nuts, flour, spices, crackers, bread, and cookies.

When the insects ingest food contaminated with bacteria, they become a health risk to humans. The humans at the highest risk are the members of the home the beetles last infiltrated. If the beetle accesses the home’s food supply, it is highly likely it will drop fecal material in the leftovers. If an unsuspecting household member consumes the food contaminated with beetle fecal matter, the onset of foodborne symptoms will appear within 30 minutes and eight hours.

What Is The Best Pest Control Management For Beetle Infestations?

Beetle infestations are generally complicated, especially when a large colony is involved. The beetles infiltrating your home belong to a larger colony on the exterior, which is why infestations are so complicated. We highly recommend professional pest management because it consists of the most potent pesticide and insecticide formulas.

Our professional beetle control also includes routine visual inspections. Our exterminators inspect every inch of the impacted home to determine if there is an infestation. The data collected through the inspection is utilized to help our exterminators develop a pest control strategy specific to your needs and preferences.

When Will The Exterminator Be Available To Conduct The Beetle Inspection?

Our customer support processes all pest control service requests, including beetle inspections. Once your inspection request is processed, we will reach out to you or another household member per your request. You can expect the processing to take up to 48 hours to complete.

Do DIY Pesticides Eradicate Full Beetle Infestations?

They can, but it would require numerous individual treatments utilizing over-the-counter pesticides and traps. In addition to the large volume of pesticide treatments, the time invested in the process could be days, weeks, or months, depending on the severity of the beetle infestation. For these reasons, we do not recommend do-it-yourself pest control for beetle infestations.

Over-the-counter pesticides cost around $10 each. Now, if you need 10 separate treatments to eradicate your beetle infestation completely, you are looking at an investment onf $100 plus tax. In the long run, you could have saved money by hiring our New York City pest control company instead of opting to take the DIY route.

Will My Family Be Exposed To Harmful Chemicals During Or After The Initial Chemical-Based Pesticide Treatment?

No, we never treat human-occupied homes infested with pests, including beetles. We require all household members and pets to be removed from the home prior to the implementation of a pest control solution.

Our pest control company takes safety seriously, which is why we have joined forces with New York’s top pesticide manufacturers. The companies have completed the process required to obtain authorization from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for their pest control products.

EPA-approved pest control products do not pose health or environmental risks when they do not contain chemicals. Organic and natural pesticide formulas are effective, affordable, and accessible to all New York City residents.

How Can I Protect My Home And Family From A Future Beetle Infestation?

The only way to successfully prevent future beetle infestations from happening inside your home, sealing exterior-to-interior access points is a necessity. We highly recommend foam insulation and/or a waterproof silicone or caulk to complete this process. Larger openings around electrical and plumbing systems will need a more drastic sealing approach. In this case, we recommend precut sheet metal or plywood.

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