Why You Should Use Bed Bug Inspection Dogs

Throughout the years, there have been many households that have been negatively impacted by bed bugs. These critters can be astoundingly annoying and will drive you insane throughout the night.

They’ll take your home’s serenity and turn it into a nightmare. Once you begin believing that your home has been infested by bed bugs, you’ll want to immediately identify the problem and take actions to rectify it! Within this guide, you will learn why you should use a bed bug dog inspection in NYC to confirm your bed bug infestation!

What is it?

First and foremost, you should know exactly what this service entails. Many people have heard of bed bugs, but they’re unaware of the dogs that can help eliminate them. As the name implies, these are actually canines. Yes, they’re dogs and they have been specifically trained to detect the presence of bed bugs. When you enlist their help, the dog and his or her trainer will come to your home and inspect it throughout for bed bugs. With their assistance, you will be able to detect these critters and identify all of their hiding spots.

Faster Detection

There are numerous ways to identify bed bugs, but the majority of these techniques is very consuming and requires you to wait at least overnight. This can be very problematic, when you have to go to work the next day! The good news is that dogs are capable of detecting bed bugs in a much more rapid manner. They’ll be able to enter your home, sniff around and find the bugs, within a matter of minutes! This will give you the ability to eliminate the problem much quicker!

Devising a Treatment Plan

You must remember that your bedbug infestation problem is unlike any other, which is why your case should be treated accordingly. Many exterminators will try to utilize the same treatment plan for every case, but this is not the proper technique that should be initiated. In order to combat your personal problem, the exterminator will need to take the time to complete a total assessment of the severity of your infestation. Your infestation may not be as severe as other customers, so why should you be forced to pay the same extermination fees. Make sure that you receive your free estimate, before allowing an exterminator to begin treating your infestation.

Calming your Fears

Every professional exterminator will understand your dilemma and be more than willing to help you alleviate your stress and frustration. By allowing the exterminator to calm your fears, you will be able to relax, while they tackle your pesky problem. With the help of their canine friend, the exterminator will be able to rid your home of these creatures much more effectively.


Before hiring an exterminator, you will definitely want to consider hiring a bed bug dog. This canine will be able to enter your home and identify these creatures right away! Once they have confirmed the presence of bed bugs, you will be able to take action and eliminate them immediately!

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