When most people think about visiting New York they automatically think about New York City, The Bronx, or Brooklyn. Staten Island is often times the red headed stepchild that is forgotten about. Well, if this also your initial reaction, you and your family could completely be missing out on the trip of your life. Not only is the area packed with some of the most passionate locals that you will ever find, but there are tons of exciting things to do in the borough. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Staten Island

Just Look At Greenbelt

Sure, Central Park is an iconic name that is synonymous with New York, but did you know that Greenbelt is twice the size? The bustling park area offers plenty of space for outdoor-loving individuals to take advantage of. With over thirty miles of walking and running trails you never have to worry about finding a secluded place to get your cardio in. However, out of all of these things it really is the feathered inhabitants that draw the most attraction. There are a variety of country and city bird species that can be found within this oasis.

Seeking Out The Spooky

Staten Island locals are not strangers to supposedly haunted spots, cursed locations, and urban legends. This are will be a true oasis if you are a ghost hunting family. However, if your time is limited you are certainly going to want to check out the Kreischer Mansion. This is one of the most popular haunts in the area and it is home to a haunted house, where several serious deaths and crimes were committed. The Staten Island Farm Colony is another popular area, where several children up and vanished without a trace to ever be heard from again. You will lose you mind exploring these spine-chilling locations in person.

Bright Italian Culture

New York has always been known for its bright Italian culture. And, you will not find Italian culture abundant in any part of the state as it is in Staten Island. The area is home to a large Italian-American population and the area is certainly proud of it. You will find a wide range of institutions and events that revolve around the culture. Some of the most popular include the Casa Belvedere, Rome Through Richmond Town, and the Italian Club of Staten Island Foundation.

Out Of The Usual Sites

Sure, Manhattan has the towering Empire State Building and New York City has the State of Liberty, but these locations are always packed with visitors. The lines are saturated and you will have to stand for hours before getting in to take a tour. This can easily burn a whole day when you could opt for some of Staten Island’s hidden gems. Staten Island is not only home to the Western Hemisphere’s largest collection of Tibetan art, but it is the only state in the United States that has a building constructed in the style of many famous Himalayan temples. This building is called the Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art and it offers a variety of attractions. You will find everything for meditations gardens to annual festivals, and tai chit classes.


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