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  • Sneaking a Peek: Fans Find Creative Ways to Catch a Glimpse of the Tokyo Olympics July 29, 2021
    What to KnowLocal residents in Japan find new ways to view the Olympics despite measures that prohibit fans from attending the events.Japan enforced a new mandate months ago barring fans from attending the games in an attempt to stop the spread of COVID-19.Olympians miss the support derived from fans. The soon-to-be Olympic champion was in […]
    Dave Skretta
  • Researchers Find COVID Mutations in NYC Sewage, Pointing to Possible Dog, Rat Infections July 29, 2021
    This article was originally published on Jul 29 at 4:54pm EDT by THE CITY This story is the product of a collaboration with the Documenting COVID-19 project at Columbia University’s Brown Institute for Media Innovation. A group of researchers charged by New York City with scouring human sewage for signs of the coronavirus — and […]
    Jacob Geanous and Derek Kravitz, THE CITY
  • Sponsors Praise Simone Biles After Olympics Withdrawal to Prioritize Her Mental Health July 29, 2021
    What to KnowSimone Biles’ sponsors, Visa and Athleta, send their support to Biles after making the decision to withdraw from the team event.Biles joins other women athletes, like Naomi Osaka, to discuss mental health in professional sports.Some sports marketing experts believe the decision to support Biles could help companies in the long run. Simone Biles’ […]
    Mae Anderson
  • Olympic Medalists' Bouquets Hold Deeper Meaning for Japan July 29, 2021
    What to KnowOf course, an Olympic medal has significance. But the bouquet of flowers that every medal winner is being handed at the Tokyo Olympics has deeper meaning. Much deeper.The sunflowers and all the other flowers in the bouquet were grown in the three northeastern Japanese prefectures that were devastated by the 2011 earthquake, tsunami, […]
    Stephen Wade
  • Tokyo Updates: King, Lazor Medal in 200m Breaststroke; Women's Rugby Undefeated July 29, 2021
    The sun is rising on the seventh day of the Tokyo Olympics, and Team USA will be busy trying to add to its medal count in several swimming finals while track and field kicks off. Tune in to NBC’s primetime coverage, and check back here for live updates on all that’s happening in Tokyo on […]
    Kelley Ekert
  • Superstar Power Couple Rapinoe and Bird, More Tokyo Olympians Talk About Love July 29, 2021
    The Olympic Games can count as its greatest feat the ability to bring countries together all to highlight the athletic abilities of their citizens. However, many could argue that love is what makes the world go round and what truly brings people together. Scroll down to see what Olympians think about their relationships and love. […]
  • Ex-NYC Council Member Gets Prison in Tax Fraud Case July 29, 2021
    A ex-New York City Council member who pleaded guilty to evading $82,000 in taxes was sentenced Thursday to 3 months in federal prison. Chaim Deutsch, a Brooklyn Democrat, will also spend one year under supervised release, pay a $5,500 fine and pay back the IRS more than $100,000 in the scheme to avoid paying taxes […]
  • Which Tokyo Olympic Events Can Simone Biles Still Compete In? July 29, 2021
    Despite Simone Biles withdrawing from some of the Tokyo Olympics women’s gymnastics events, she can still compete in the summer games. What happened to Simone Biles? Biles had what was referred to as “a very uncharacteristic” performance on the vault Tuesday morning. Olympic commentators said Biles may have gotten lost in the air (something gymnasts […]
    Holley Ford
  • Simone Biles Told Her Replacement Jade Carey to ‘Have Fun' — and She Did July 29, 2021
    What to KnowJade Carey, who took the floor in Tokyo after Simone Biles’ exit, was encouraged by Biles to have fun with her performance. Carey finished in eighth place, a result she said she was proud of given that just the day before she didn’t even know she would be competing. Carey is known for […]
    Claire Galofaro
  • NYPD: Retired Cop Tried to Mug 62-Year-Old, Stole iPad July 29, 2021
    A retired NYPD officer with a contentious history with the department is facing charges after an attempted mugging and an iPad theft in the East Village, police officials say. Terence Dickerson, 32, was arrested shortly after the attempted strong-arm robbery at a smoke shop on First Avenue Wednesday afternoon. That’s when police say a robber […]
    Jonathan Dienst

Whether you live inside or outside of the United States, you most likely would love to visit New York City. The Big Apple just happens to be the largest city, as far as population goes, in the United States. It has been considered the gateway for immigrants, since it is filled with many business(like EZ Bed Bug Exterminator NYC) and educational opportunities for everyone.

Diverse Population

The citizens of New York speak more than 800 languages. The residents originate from countries all over the world. There are many opportunities for all immigrants that enter New York City, which is why they select this beautiful city over the other options. Back in the early 19th century, immigrants that entered New York was greeted by the national monument, Statue of Liberty. Of course, now many immigrants arrive by plane, but they eventually make their way to the monument, because it symbolizes democracy.

Extraordinary Architecture

Many visitors find themselves in New York, because they desire to see the beautiful architecture. This large city boasts some of the tallest buildings, within the United States including the Bank of America towerEmpire State building, and the One World Trade Center. These skyscrapers are a must see, if you are visiting New York, because they are magnificent.


New York City has a subtropical climate, with temperatures reaching as high as 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months during the daylight hours. July happens to be the hottest summer month, while January is the coldest month. Exceptional snowfalls have also been noted in the recent years, but this city is pretty much prepared for the worst weather conditions, since it never seems to completely shut down.

Beautiful Parks

Everyone that visits New York with children prefer to spend some time in the United States most beautiful parks, which are located throughout the state. CoronaJacob Riis, and Great Kills are beautiful parks that offer a variety of activities for families. If you like to spend quite time on the beach, then you will definitely want to schedule a time out to visit the Great Kills Park. It also has walking trails and a marina for everyone to enjoy.

Diverse Religions

You will definitely notice that New York City is diverse in more ways than one. Religion is very important to everyone, no matter ethnicity. Around 59% of Christians, 33% Catholics, and 24% no religious affiliation are noted among the residents of this wonderful state. All religions are held to a very high standard and no one is judged by their beliefs, which cannot be said about other countries.

Major Economical City

New York just happens to hold some of the wealthiest companies in the world. J.P Morgan Chase, Citigroup, MetLife, Pfizer, and Goldman Sachs are just to name a few. Real estate opportunities are also always open and make up a large portion of the city’s economy.


If you are looking for a wonderful vacation spot, you definitely should look no further than the Big Apple. It is filled with some of the most extraordinary museums, parks, and national monuments.


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