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  • Baby Girl Found Dead Off Major Deegan Was Murdered: Officials May 30, 2023
    The parents of a 3-month-old girl found dead in a trash bag in a wooded area off the Major Deegan over the weekend have both been arrested, authorities say — and the medical examiner’s office has ruled the case a homicide. Damion Comager, a 23-year-old who had been staying at a Bronx shelter, was arrested […]
    Myles Miller and NBC New York Staff
  • Cruise Ship Passengers Left Terrified After Ship Sails Through Rough Seas on Return to Charleston May 30, 2023
    A cruise ship that navigated rough seas off the South Carolina coast over the Memorial Day weekend has resumed sailing on its next cruise, Carnival Cruise Lines said Monday. Terrified passengers on the Carnival Sunshine took to social media to post video of water pouring through a flooded hallway on a cabin level and pictures […]
    The Associated Press
  • President Biden Calls Lawmakers for Support as Debt Ceiling Deal Goes for Vote May 30, 2023
    President Joe Biden says he “feels good” about the debt ceiling and budget deal negotiated with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy as the White House and congressional leaders work to ensure its passage this week in time to lift the nation’s borrowing limit and prevent a disastrous U.S. default. Biden spent part of the Memorial Day […]
    Lisa Mascaro and Aamer Madhani
  • Woman Rescued Uninjured 24 Hours After Iowa Building's Partial Collapse May 30, 2023
    After a 52-year-old woman was pulled unscathed Monday evening from a partially collapsed Davenport, Iowa, apartment building, the city’s mayor said a previously announced plan to quickly tear down the structure was “under evaluation.” Lisa Brooks was rescued after more than 24 hours apparently hiding under a couch on an upper floor of the six-story structure, authorities and […]
  • 9 Injured, Including Kids, in Memorial Day Shooting Near Beach in Hollywood, Florida May 29, 2023
    At least nine people, including children, were hospitalized Monday after an altercation ended in gunfire along the beach broadwalk in Hollywood, Florida, police said. Hollywood Police spokeswoman Deanna Bettineschi said they received calls about multiple people who were shot near Johnson Street after two groups got into an altercation, which resulted in gunfire. Nine gunshot victims […]
    Kristina Bugante
  • White Castle Made Her Feel ‘Safe' as a Homeless Teen. Over 20 Years Later, She Got Married There May 29, 2023
    A newlywed woman reflects on the kindness of one fast-food worker that helped her get to where she is today. In 1994, when Jamie West was 12 years old, she was out on her own, living on the street after a tumultuous beginning of her childhood. Saving graces were few and far between. “I was […]
    Joseph Lamour | TODAY
  • Former Harlem Jail to House Migrants Following Governor OK May 29, 2023
    What to KnowOver the past week, neighbors started seeing activity at Lincoln Correctional Facility, an former jail in Harlem — a state facility that Gov. Kathy Hochul gave the OK Sunday to temporarily house migrants. Around 70,000 asylum seekers have shown up in NYC within the last year, and the mayor says hundreds more arrive […]
    Erica Byfield
  • Exclusive Secrets of the National Spelling Bee: Picking the Words to Identify a Champion May 29, 2023
    As the final pre-competition meeting of the Scripps National Spelling Bee’s word selection panel stretches into its seventh hour, the pronouncers no longer seem to care. Before panelists can debate the words picked for the bee, they need to hear each word and its language of origin, part of speech, definition and exemplary sentence read […]
    Ben Nuckols | Associated Press
  • 15-Year-Old Boy Drowns, 5 Others Rescued From Sandy Hook Waters: Officials May 29, 2023
    What to KnowA family in New Jersey is mourning after a 15-year-old boy drowned after going into the waters off Sandy Hook on Sunday, officials said.According to park officials, six people from a family entered the water in Beach B before they started struggling and had to be rescued by divers. The boy, who remained […]
    Tracie Strahan
  • As Rising Oceans Threaten NYC, Study Documents Another Risk: The City Is Sinking May 29, 2023
    What to KnowIf rising oceans aren’t worry enough, add this to the risks New York City faces: The metropolis is slowly sinking under the weight of its skyscrapers, homes, asphalt and humanity itself.New research estimates the city’s landmass is sinking at an average rate of 1 to 2 millimeters per year, something referred to as […]
    Bobby Caina Calvan

Whether you live inside or outside of the United States, you most likely would love to visit New York City. The Big Apple just happens to be the largest city, as far as population goes, in the United States. It has been considered the gateway for immigrants, since it is filled with many business(like EZ Bed Bug Exterminator NYC) and educational opportunities for everyone.

Diverse Population

The citizens of New York speak more than 800 languages. The residents originate from countries all over the world. There are many opportunities for all immigrants that enter New York City, which is why they select this beautiful city over the other options. Back in the early 19th century, immigrants that entered New York was greeted by the national monument, Statue of Liberty. Of course, now many immigrants arrive by plane, but they eventually make their way to the monument, because it symbolizes democracy.

Extraordinary Architecture

Many visitors find themselves in New York, because they desire to see the beautiful architecture. This large city boasts some of the tallest buildings, within the United States including the Bank of America towerEmpire State building, and the One World Trade Center. These skyscrapers are a must see, if you are visiting New York, because they are magnificent.


New York City has a subtropical climate, with temperatures reaching as high as 70-90 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer months during the daylight hours. July happens to be the hottest summer month, while January is the coldest month. Exceptional snowfalls have also been noted in the recent years, but this city is pretty much prepared for the worst weather conditions, since it never seems to completely shut down.

Beautiful Parks

Everyone that visits New York with children prefer to spend some time in the United States most beautiful parks, which are located throughout the state. CoronaJacob Riis, and Great Kills are beautiful parks that offer a variety of activities for families. If you like to spend quite time on the beach, then you will definitely want to schedule a time out to visit the Great Kills Park. It also has walking trails and a marina for everyone to enjoy.

Diverse Religions

You will definitely notice that New York City is diverse in more ways than one. Religion is very important to everyone, no matter ethnicity. Around 59% of Christians, 33% Catholics, and 24% no religious affiliation are noted among the residents of this wonderful state. All religions are held to a very high standard and no one is judged by their beliefs, which cannot be said about other countries.

Major Economical City

New York just happens to hold some of the wealthiest companies in the world. J.P Morgan Chase, Citigroup, MetLife, Pfizer, and Goldman Sachs are just to name a few. Real estate opportunities are also always open and make up a large portion of the city’s economy.


If you are looking for a wonderful vacation spot, you definitely should look no further than the Big Apple. It is filled with some of the most extraordinary museums, parks, and national monuments.


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