What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsAre you familiar with the term “deterrent”? A deterrent is something that discourages a human, animal, or insect, in this case, from performing a specific action. An up-and-coming deterrent utilized to dissuade bed bugs from infiltrating a building or hitchhiking a ride with some unsuspecting human is essential oil. Peppermint, lavender, and tea tree essential oils are just to name a few natural bed bug deterrent agents.

A deterrent could protect your family from being terrorized by the bed bug, one of the most diligent insects on the planet. Bed bugs strive to stay alive as long as possible. By infiltrating homes, bed bugs get another opportunity to live longer. How is this possible? When you consider the bed bug is a parasite that feeds on human blood, successful home infiltration could be the difference between eating and starving.

A unique bed bug deterrent that most people are not even aware of is a pheromone generated by the young bed bug nymph. This deterrent is utilized by nymphs to protect themselves from adult male bed bugs. The nymph emits its natural pheromone to deter adult males from trying to mate with them.

While essential oils are believed to be an effective natural bed bug deterrent, they are also utilized as a bed bug toxin. A study conducted by scientists from Rutgers University and the USDA revealed that two essential oils were effective bed bug toxins. Silicone and Paraffin essential oils were 92 percent effective in eradicating bed bugs.

Your family is counting on you to protect them from an initial or repeat bed bug infestation. If you are an eco-friendly type of person, we highly recommend essential oils as a bed bug deterrent and toxin. Essential oils derived from natural sources, such as flowers, shrubs, trees, herbs, and mints.

Conduct a DIY essential oil study and share the findings with your friends, family members, and the public.


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