Tompkinsville is located in the northeastern region of Staten Island, New York City. It is named after U.S. Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins. The neighborhood is located on the island’s eastern shore with a waterfront facing Upper New York Bay, between St. George on the north and Stapleton on the south. However, it’s considered part of the North Shore by the island’s residents.

Tompkinsville, located within the Town of Castleton, was where early European explorations replenished their freshwater supply and were referred to in the colonial era as the “Watering Place.” In opposition to the Watering Place, the then most important British expeditionary force, comprising 32,000 soldiers and 450 vessels, was able to land in Upper New York Bay and land in the led to the American Revolutionary War. In 1799 New York state government took over New York state government took 30 acres (12 ha) along the waterfront. There, they established New York Marine Hospital. New York Marine Hospital (also “The Quarantine”) was a hospital for contagious diseases. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Staten Island

In 1815 there was a settlement established 1815 by New York state governor Daniel D. Tompkins in the vicinity of the current quarantine station. Tompkins was elected Vice President in 1816. In 1817, Tompkins constructed a pier at the foot of what is now Victory Boulevard and began offering steam ferry services to Manhattan. In anger, residents set the fire up The Quarantine in 1858 during an attack referred to as the Staten Island Quarantine War. Though there was no death due to the attack, the arsonists destroyed and destroyed the hospital’s compound.

21 st Century

At the turn of the 21st Century, Tompkinsville was transformed into a multi-racial community, and a small Sri Lanka had developed. Additionally, there are many Italian-Americans, African Americans, and Mexicans. In 2014, a black Staten Island resident Eric Garner was killed by police officers in Tompkinsville in a case that received much media attention.


Tompkinsville is home to an enclave that is home to Sri Lankans. The area also hosts several live music and art events that include Everything Go Book Cafe, Deep Tanks Studio, Coyle Cavern, Ink Chyx Tattoo & Art Gallery, and The Staten Island LGBT Community Center in the northern shore’s weekly Second Saturday Art Walk. Like the rest northern shores, this neighborhood is more urban than what is typically in Staten Island, NYC evinced in the architectural style (predominantly high brick structures) and the many retail restaurants and stores. In contrast to different North Shore communities (like Port Richmond), The community isn’t home to any housing developments. Its housing stock is mostly populated by single-family homes built in the early centuries of the century.

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