What You Need To Know Before Visiting

Staten Island

There really is nothing better than gathering the family up and hitting the open road at the end of the year. You scrimped and saved all year long to cut corners, so that you could afford your family this amazing opportunity. However, the real test comes when you have to choose your destination. There are no doubt tons of them to choose from, but if Staten Island isn’t high on your list you are missing out. That being said, before you just up and plan your trip to the area there are a variety of things that you need to be aware of. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator Staten Island

Stay Away From The Verrazano Bridge If You Don’t Like Heights

 If you are one that is afraid of heights you need to make sure that you avoid the Verrazano-Narrowed Bridge at all costs. The bridge is not only 2.5 miles long, but it towers a total of 13,700 feet in the air. Traffic can get pretty bad around this part of town as well so getting stuck on the bridge will be something that you want to avoid. You will literally feel the bridge shaking and shifting as you sit in your car. 2.5 miles might not seem that long, but it can be an eternity when you are stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

Take Advantage Of The Boat

When you hear a Staten Island native refer to the term “the boat” they are actually talking about the Staten Island Ferry. This is without a doubt one of the most popular attractions in the area and there is good reason for this. The ferry not only gives you a nice little leisurely trip past the Statue of Liberty, but they sell snacks and beer on board! Oh, and this is not to even mention the fact that it is completely free.

Cropsey Is Real

If you are a fan of horror movies or books there is a good chance that you have heard of Cropsey. For generations the parents and babysitters of Staten Island used the mental hospital killer to scare kids to sleep. This was an extremely popular urban legend, but just imagine everyone’s surprise when it turned out to be true. There actually was a former sanatorium custodian named Cropsey kidnapping and killing children of the Island. Not to worry though, because he is currently locked up on Rikers Island.

Hurricane Sandy Brought Out The Best

You probably heard many of the horror stories about Staten Island and hurricane sandy. The area was without a doubt hit the hardest by the natural disaster. However, it really brought out the best of the community and showed what they were all about. Tons of homes and businesses were destroyed, but every member of the community was willing to pitch in and offer their help. People that still had their homes, food, and electricity allowed neighbors to stay at their homes. On many occasions homeowners took in complete strangers and no one was denied the use of a shower or restroom. This really says a lot about the local community and what it has to offer outsiders.


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