Millions of tourist flock to New York, every year just so they can capture a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. Many tourists do not give a second thought to Queens, NY because it is not often displayed on the mainstream media. However, Queens has a lot to offer every visitor, even the very young and the senior citizens. If you are amid planning your vacation and have yet to decide where to go, you should definitely consider the New York borough, Queens.

Ethnic Diversity

Queens has one of the most ethic diverse populations in New York and throughout the United States. Queens is home to over 2 million residents from different walks of life. Settled in 1683, Queens has become a very important part of the New York tourist and travel industry. Here you will find the world’s busiest airports, JFK International And La Guardia. These airports offer non-stop direct flights to six continents spread throughout the world.

Sporting Venues

While many visitors travel to Queens, just to access the JFK International Airport, others have other intensions in mind. Queens is home to the Citi Field, which is home to the professional baseball team, New York Mets. This stadium just happens to be one of the most popular sporting venues in New York. The Aqueduct Racetrack is also located in this borough, but it rarely opens up until late October or early November. If you enjoy horse racing, you will definitely need to schedule your vacation during the fall season.

Travel Options

The great thing about visiting Queens is the travel options. Of course, many tourists choose to utilize the public bus transportation system, because it is the most affordable option. Others desire something a little less congested, opting on taxi service instead. You also have the option of walking or biking through the neighborhoods. You can even find a map at one of the local convenient shops, just to help you navigate around. You also have the option of hoping aboard the subway, but do not expect to see everything Queens has to offer on your first trip.

Barbecue Galore

Contrary to belief, many people have never enjoyed the taste of good old-fashioned barbecue. While, barbecue is popular among the locals, many tourists desire to give it a shot, just for the very purpose. Woodside is a Thai restaurant located on 39th Avenue. If you are looking for a barbecue sandwich like no other, be sure to pop in to try some of the most delicious Filipino and non-Filipino pork.


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