Taking A Look At New York’s Biggest Secrets

Although you might be a frequent traveler to New York Attractions, you probably don’t know all there is to know about the area. In fact, some residents of the area are unaware of the city’s most mysterious secrets. Each city has their own set of secrets, but New York’s mysteries date back to the origination of the United States! Within this guide, you will learn about the state’s most interesting and well-hidden secrets.


The Hidden Subway Station


If you live in New York or have traveled there frequently, it is almost certain that you’ve visited the NYC’s City Hall on at least one occasion. Although this building is magnificent on its own, most people are unaware of what lies underneath it. There is actually an extravagant subway system beneath City Hall! This subway has been left inactive for nearly 70 years! It officially closed its operations on December the 31st of 1945. If you take the 6-train to the Brooklyn Bridge and stay on board, you can actually catch a glimpse of this marvelous site!


The Whispering Gallery


Almost everyone, who has ever ventured to New York, has made a trip to the NYC Train Stations – Grand Central Terminal. This location actually holds many different secrets. For starters, it is equipped with its own underground passage, which leads to the NYC Hotels – Waldorf Astoria Hotel! This passageway was previously built for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Of course, the biggest secret of all is the Whispering Gallery. When two individuals stand in diagonal arches and whisper, they’ll actually be able to hear one another. The effect telegraphs their whispers and transmits them across the hall.


Atop The Rockefeller Center


There are many beautiful attractions and gardens in New York. Unfortunately, the most beautiful of all is actually hidden from sight. It is located on top of the NYC Rockefeller Center! In fact, you will find 5 amazing roof gardens in this location. The famous English landscaper, Ralph Hancock, designed these gardens from 1933 to 1936. Unfortunately, they were all closed in 1938. You can still view three of them, by heading to the Top of the Rock observation deck and taking a peek.

The Atlantic Avenue Subway Tunnel

Many of the most amazing secrets of New York are associated with subways in one way or another. One of these happens to be the unfinished subway tunnel, which is located under the Atlantic Avenue. Cornelius Vanderbilt built the tunnel in 1844. It was originally intended to be used as a way to reroute the Long Island Rail Road trains, because they were frequently running over pedestrians. The tunnel was officially abandoned in 1861, but rediscovered in 1980.

Saint Augustine’s Slave Gallery

If you wish to relive more modern history, you’ll want to check out NYC Church. By scouring through the building, you will be able to find a staircase, which leads to two small, hidden rooms. African American worshipers originally used these rooms. Although they could hear the services from here, the other church attendees could not see them.


In the end, New York is filled with many amazing secrets. In fact, it is likely that many of them still remain uncovered. Can you discover a New York secret of your own? Bed Bug Exterminator NYC