New York Transit Museum

The New York Transit Museum (also known as The NYC Transit Museum) is an exhibit that showcases the historical artifacts from The New York City Subway, commuter rail, and bus system in the New York City metropolitan region. This museum’s central location is in the former Court Street subway station in Downtown Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights in Brooklyn’s New York City borough. A smaller version of the Museum Annex in Grand Central Terminal in Midtown Manhattan. It is an autonomous section that is part of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

Exhibits and Programs

In 1976, on July 4 on July 4, 1976, the New York City Transit Exhibit opened in the now-defunct underground station as part of the United States Bicentennial celebration, offering a one-dollar subway token for admission. Old subway cars preserved along with the models and other exhibitions were on display. It was planned to open the museum for some time until the 7th day of September; however, it was so popular that it was closed and was eventually turned into an ongoing museum. The museum’s nostalgic trains were scheduled to run between 57th Street, Sixth Avenue, and Rockaway Park and make an occasional hour-long visit in its first year of operation.

In the mid-1990s, Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) took over the Transit Museum from the New York City Transit Authority. The museum’s range was expanded to include additional aspects of transportation services that are part of the MTA region, such as commuter railways (Metro-North, Staten Island Railway, Long Island Rail Road) and tunnels, roads as well as bridges (MTA Bridges and Tunnels). Since then, there have been rotating exhibits on the mezzanine levels that frequently showcase bridges, commuter railroads, bridge operations, and their past. EZ-Pest Exterminating

The museum has subway trains, buses, tunnels, bridges, subway memorabilia, and other exhibits that include vintage signs and advertisements in vehicles, dioramas, and models of the subway, bus, and other machines. The museum has a schedule of talks, seminars, film screenings, tours, and other events for people of all ages. The offsite programs include guided tours of MTA facilities, subway stations, art, architecture, and New York neighborhoods and opportunities to experience vintage train and bus vehicles.

Railway Artifacts

On the platform (lower) level, two fully-powered and operational subway tracks are located. They contain numerous historical examples from New York City subway and elevated railway equipment, which are on permanent display. The railcars preserved, many of them still operated, have been operating as long as the companies that were predecessors of the New York City Transit Authority, like those of the BMT and the IRT private companies that of the municipally owned and run IND. The platform between the tracks is fitted with a hinged colorful gap filler board. They enable the smaller IRT railcars to be taken off a platform built for the larger trains running on more modern lines.


Address: 99 Schermerhorn St, Brooklyn, NY

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