How To Prepare For A Bed Bug Extermination Treatment

Have you recently discovered that your house has been overrun with bed bugs? Although this can be a very frightening scenario, you shouldn’t panic just yet. Take your time and realize that there is help out there! By reaching out to one of the bed bug exterminators in Brooklyn, you will find support, when you need it the most. Of course, you should also lend them a hand. Below, you will learn how to prepare for your upcoming bed bug home treatment!

Preparing A Clean Pathway

Before you give the bed bug exterminator in Brooklyn a call, you should take the time to prepare your home. This process doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Clearing a pathway for the exterminator is highly recommended. This will give the technician the ability to walk through your home, without any trip hazards. This might be a small alteration, but it is one that will make the exterminator’s job tremendously easier.

Independent Room Cleaning

Instead of sitting around and waiting on the exterminator to do all the work for you, it is crucial that you pitch in help. You may need to start in the master bedroom, because most infestations will start in rooms, where potential hosts sleep. You will need to need to strip the beds and place the linen in the washer, but make sure that you use the hot water setting, because high temperatures are required to eradicate these pesky parasites.


Once you have the linen in the washer, you should steam clean the mattress and box spring. If you do not own a steam cleaner you may be able to borrow one from a neighbor or friend. The cleaner will be able to generate enough hot steam to kill the bedbugs on contact. Make sure that you get into the crevices and corners, because this is actually were these little critters like to hibernate.

Removing Pets and Kids From The Home

Remember that the technician won’t have time to pet on your dog or babysit your child. With this in mind, you should make the exterminator’s job easier, by removing your pets and kids from the home. Don’t worry, because the technician won’t be in your home very long. Before you know it, the task will be completed and your home will be cleansed. If you feel the need to bring your pets and kids back, you will be able to do so!

Stuffed Animals

Every child loves stuffed animals, but when they get older they find other toys and electronics to keep them occupied. If you have any unwanted stuffed animals around, you should consider tossing them in the trash. Remember that bedbugs like to hibernate in fuzzy inanimate objects, just like germs, so it is not wise to take them to the local donation center.


Protect your family, by removing all unwanted linen and stuffed animals from your home, because they are just cluttering up much needed space.


Remember that your exterminator isn’t a miracle worker. Although he or she will be able to pull off the unthinkable, you should still provide them with any support you can. Use the tips above and you will like their life a little bit easier!

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