Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

Are you worried about bedbugs invading your New York City home? You should be since these bugs are growing more and more problematic. The good news is that you can take steps to avoid problems. Using a bedbug mattress cover is an effective way to minimize the risks. However, it is not a good way to eliminate all bugs. More about this will be provided below.

Bedbugs And Mattresses

Bedbug mattress covers are helpful because bedbugs prefer hiding on mattresses. Once bedbugs have invaded a home, most of the bedbugs are going to live on the mattress. Ultimately, it is estimated that more than 90% of bedbugs will hide on the mattress. With that being said, you need to take steps to eliminate the bugs at the source. Using a mattress cover is a good way to do that.

Reasons To Use A Bedbug Mattress Protector

To stop bedbugs from turning your life upside down, use a mattress protector. With this tool, you’ll be able to eliminate many of the bugs in your home. A bedbug mattress protector will trap bedbugs on the mattress. Once the bedbugs are trapped in the cover, they won’t be able to feed on your body. They won’t be able to escape the cover and eat. As a result, they’re going to die within weeks. Furthermore, other bedbugs won’t be able to hide on the mattress.

Picking A Mattress Cover

If you’re going to buy a mattress cover, you need a good one. Spend time finding out which one will work best for you. Do that by relying on the advice provided below.


First, you need to pick a full encasement. If the encasement isn’t full, it won’t work. It will only cover a portion of the mattress. Instead, you need a bedbug mattress encasement that will cover the entire mattress.

Precisely Sealed

The mattress cover needs to be durable and tough. If it breaks easily, you’re going to experience issues. It needs to be able to trap the bugs inside. Make sure that the bedbug cover has a high-quality zipper and reinforced seams. Make sure it is precisely sealed to ensure that it’ll work as intended. Otherwise, bedbugs will continue as usual.


It is also important to pick a bedbug mattress cover that has been thoroughly tested by professionals. Make sure that the mattress cover is approved by qualified entomologists. Do this and you’ll get your money’s worth.

Free Of Toxins

Some bedbug mattress covers contain toxins. They contain these chemicals because they help eliminate bedbugs. The only downside is that you’re going to be exposed to these chemicals. It is pertinent to stay away from the dangerous chemicals in question. To protect yourself, pick one without toxins.

How Effective Are Bedbug Mattresses?

Bedbug mattress covers are indeed effective. However, the effectiveness depends on the mattress cover you pick. Choose a low-quality one and it won’t provide satisfactory results. Bedbugs prefer hiding on mattresses because this allows them to stay close to their favorite food source. Using a mattress encasement helps trap the bugs inside so they cannot eat. Before you know it, the trapped bedbugs will die. They won’t be able to eat so they’ll starve to death. Just remember that this won’t impact the remaining bedbugs. Work with us to get rid of the remaining bedbugs hiding in your NYC dwelling.

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