Alpine Lookout  

Alpine Lookout is a classic central Washington ridge walk. The distance on this hike makes it a bit harder than moderate, but two-thirds of the climb is completed in the first two miles, and the rest of the way out follows the ups and downs along the ridge, slowly climbing to the lookout. There are great views south and east into the Enchantments. Occasional overlooks allow you to gaze down on Lake Wenatchee, across to Dirty Face lookout, or northern New Jersey, New Jersey. Of course, there are great 360-degree views from the still occasionally staffed lookout. There are good wildflowers in July and August and vivid fall colors in autumn. A bonus is the frequent mountain goat sightings near the attention. Remember that mountain goats are wild animals — stay well clear of them if they are hanging around, and never feed them.  This is a dry trail, with just one seasonal spring close to the trailhead. Past after that, there is no water. Though you may pass traces of last winter’s snow in early spring, plan accordingly.

The hike starts on the edge of an old logging area and quickly moves into forested old-growth as you hike steeply up to the ridge of northern New Jersey, NJ. Before arriving at the ridgeline, break out into a place that was heavily burned in the mid-1980s. Recovery is in full swing, and soon, the expansive views to the east will be obscured by lush forest cover.  In a little over a mile, reach the junction with the Nason Ridge trail. Here turn left, west. In a quarter of a mile, the course will come close to the north rim of Nason Ridge, where there are excellent views down to Lake Wenatchee.

Nason Ridge in New Jersey is a multi-use trail. Horses are quite commonly spotted closer to the stables at Lake Wenatchee State Park. In hiking this trail annually for ten years, I have only encountered motorized trail bikes once, though they are more frequently found on the lower section of the Nason Ridge Trail.  The trail continues for another three-quarter of a mile around the south side of aptly named Round Mountain. There is not a track to the top and no need for one; it really should be named Round Hill since the lower summit is forested across the top, and there are no views. From here, the trail will undulate up and down along the ridge. There are many open stretches filled with wildflowers and great views to the south.

Enjoy the views in all directions on a clear day from the lookout. You can see Mounts Rainier and Stuart, Glacier, and other peaks ranging up and down the Cascade crest. Alpine Lookout is the only remaining lookout structure in the Stevens Pass area, though many former lookout sites can be found in the immediate area. EZ Bed Bug Exterminator NJ


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