Most everyone has heard of the pesky bedbug, but probably has never actually seen one. These tiny bugs are not capable of flying, but they do move fairly quickly, which is why they can spread throughout your entire home, within a matter of days. Below you will discover more about the bedbug and how to properly combat them, if you discover that you have an infestation in your home.

Body Features

A nymph or immature bedbug will turn into an adult within 7-14 days. They can grow to around 5 millimeters in length, which is significantly small, when compared to other insects. A nymph will have a translucent tummy, but after feeding on human or animal blood, the abdomen will turn bright red, but over time it will fade to a dark brown. Many homeowners will not even realize they have a bedbug infestation, because these pests do not like to appear during the daylight hours. The adult bedbug has a flattened, oval-shaped body, with a spiky feeding tube that is capable of puncturing the host’s skin.

Disease Transmission

Lucky for everyone that comes into contact with a bedbug, they do not transmit any contagious diseases. While their bite is fairly harmless, they can produce a much reddened, itchy welt, which cannot be ignored very easily. Most victims may be impaled to visit their primary care physician, when they begin to see the bedbug bites, but this is truly not necessary. For individuals that suffer from immunodeficiency disorders, asthma, or allergies may experience a serious allergic reaction, which will require emergency treatment.

Nocturnal Senses

Bedbugs are known as parasites, which mean they must feed off of a host in order to remain vital. They prefer feeding off of animals and humans, while they are asleep. They have a nocturnal sense and will only come out at night such as an owl. They will feed off of their host, while they are sleeping without disturbing them.
The bedbug produces an enzyme that is capable of numbing the host’s skin, before they actually stick their feeding tube into the flesh. This prevents the host from experiencing any pain or irritation, while the bedbug is feeding. Once they have fed, they will return to their hiding place, without the host even being aware of what just happened, until they wake up and see the bite marks.


A female bedbug is capable of producing over hundreds of eggs within their lifetime. This may not seem like a large amount of eggs, but when compared to the number of females that can infest a home, it can be very troublesome for everyone. As you can see, these parasites will invade your entire home, within a matter of days, but they prefer to reside in warm, dark spaces.


Once you discover that you have a bedbug problem, it will most likely be too late to try the DIY method. At this point, you will be faced with a huge bedbug infestation, which will require the assistance of a professional extermination company.


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