About Bedbug And Other Pest Infestations

Bedbugs are one of the most difficult pests to get rid of quickly. The best solution to this problem is hiring Bed Bug Services in NYC, which will be a very affordable option. If you feel that you cannot afford to hire a professional, then there are some things that you can do to remove bedbugs on your own. However, these removal processes may take patience and hard work. With that being said there are some cases in which you may need to bring in a professional.

For instance, if you live in an apartment or a condo the infestation will spread much quicker. Even if you rid your living space of bedbugs there is a good chance that they have spread to a nearby neighbor’s home. This means that after you go through all the hard work to remove bedbugs from your living space, they could travel right back to you from your adjoining neighbors. In most cases like this it will take coordination from the property manager. He or she will likely have to contact a professional and get the whole building swept for bedbugs.

Steps to Removing Bedbugs

The most common hiding place for bedbugs is in your bed, so this will be the first place you want to start treatment. The first step is to strip all the bedding off your mattress and place them in silk garbage bags. This will prevent the bedbugs from escaping and infecting the rest of your home.

Next, you want to take the bag directly to your washing machine and carefully unload it into your washing machine. Be sure to reseal the garbage bag, so that any bedbugs do not escape. Wash the bedding on the hot water setting cycle. After washing the bedding you want to dry it on the high heat setting. Keep in mind that the heat will kill out the bedbugs, but make sure that your linen will be able to withstand these high temperatures.

Vacuuming the Mattress and Box Springs

While your bedding is in the washer or dryer, you can take the time to vacuum your mattress and bed springs. Just simply remove your mattress and box springs from the bed frame and vacuum any bedbugs, shells, fecal droppings, or eggs that you see.

After you have vacuumed these areas, it is best to run back over them with a steamer. Only a steamer will be able to penetrate inside the tight areas that a vacuum cleaner will not be able to reach. Be sure to give the seams and folds special attention, because this is more than likely where the bed bugs will be lurking.

Contact Spray

After your bed has been steamed and dried you want to spray the seams and fold with a contact spray. This will kill bed bugs quickly and the spray will evaporate, so there is no cleanup.


After you have completed all the above steps, you now want to use mattress and box springs encasements. These encasements will trap bed bugs inside and prevent them from biting you throughout the night.


As you can see it is a lot of work to fully rid your sleeping area of bedbugs. If the infestation has spread throughout the whole home, you may have to contact a trained professional.

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