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Your home is your sanctuary. When you return home, after a tough day’s work, you will want to get comfortable and relax. You should have no worries or discomforts, when sitting in your home. There are various things that could destroy your home’s serenity, but nothing could be worse than a bug infestation. If bugs take over your home, you’ll have difficulty relaxing and you’ll feel awkward about inviting friends over. If your home has been infested with bed bugs, you’ll never get a good night’s sleep again!

Before you begin exploring solutions to your bed bug problem, you will want to find out exactly how these pests can infiltrate your home. The best bed bug exterminator in NYC can help you with this process. Below, you will discover how these pesky critters could’ve entered your home.

  • Bed bugs can hide in clothing. If you invite over friends with bed bugs, it is highly likely that these bugs will jump off and take up shelter in your home.
  • Buying used furniture and chairs can also give these bugs access to your home. They’ll hide within the cracks and crevices of these items, until they infiltrate your home and then they’ll spread like wildfire.
  • Take note that these bugs can live in clothing, linens, luggage and other similar items. Bringing home these items can potentially cause your home to become infected.

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Determining whether or not your home has been infested can be difficult. Some will never know, until they’re bitten. Others will be forced to capture one, before they will be able to confirm their presence. If you believe that you might be facing a bed bug problem, you will want to rely on the following tips, which has been provided by the most prestige bed bug exterminator in NYC.


  • When you wake up in the morning, you should inspect your body for small bite marks. Take special care to check your legs, back and arms. Also, you should carefully inspect areas that make contact with your mattress. These are usually target areas for bed bugs, so you will definitely be able to find bite marks in these areas, if your home has been infested. The bites will resemble a compilation of small welts. They will also be really red and very itchy!
  • After you’ve gotten out of bed, you should inspect your pillowcases and mattress covers for signs of bed bugs. Look closely for small blood stains. These pests constantly seek out blood and they’ll leave small stains behind. If you find a generous amount of red bloodstains on your bed, your home has most likely been infested by bed bugs.
  • You should also look for dark spots on your mattress, headboards and chairs. Bed bugs are notorious for leaving behind large amounts of excrement. This will be very visible and will resemble small dark stains. If you find dark stains and red bloodstains, you can almost guarantee that you’re dealing with a bed bug infestation.
  • Giving your house a smell test can also help. You should take note of musty odors, as this could be the sign of bed bugs.
  • Finally, you should consider trying to trap a bed bug. This is the best surefire way to confirm a bed bug infestation. Although these bugs can be difficult to catch, there are some product and tapes that can help. If you’ve managed to catch a bed bug, you should make contact with our organization immediately.


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We are located in the beautiful New York and are here to serve you in your time of need. Not only do we eradicate bed bug infestations, but we do routine follow up checks to make sure that they stay away from your home. We guarantee that all services provided to the community are up to par and we work diligently to satisfy all of our customers.

We utilize high-quality extermination technology and techniques to rid your home of bed bugs, roaches, rats, silverfish, termites, and other pesky critters. Our benefits are limitless:


  1. Our Exterminators work without disturbing you and your family. We understand how frustrating and bothersome it can be to be plagued by bed bugs, this is why we pledge to enter your home and work quietly, so we do not interfere with your everyday living.
  2. All of our products and exterminating techniques are environmental friendly and will not harm the environment. You will not be required to vacate your home, while the exterminators are doing their job to get rid of your bed bug infestation
  3. Not only do we offer a 100% guarantee on all of our services, but we will work with you to find a suitable treatment for your pest infestation. Once we devise and set a plan in place, we will work diligently until your home is completely free of bed bugs.
  4. It is important to note that bed bug infestations can occur anywhere including commercial, residential, and medical facilities. If your home is infested with pesky critters, you most likely picked them up from a motel, college dormitory, hospital, or even a fancy resort.
  5. The services provided by the bed bug exterminator NYC are completely efficient. When you’re ready, you’ll want to contact us, so we can discuss your problem and provide you with a quote.
  6. This bed bug exterminator NYC offers a discreet service. You should know that having bed bugs doesn’t mean that you have not properly cleaned your home. You have just become a victim of Mother Nature. Don’t worry, because we’ll take care of the problem in a discreet manner, so your neighbors will be unaware of the situation.
  7. It should be known that eliminating bed bugs isn’t exactly cheap. Although our services are somewhat costly, we can guarantee that we’ll deliver a 100% effective solution to your bed bug problem. Many bed bug exterminators in NYC offer a cheap service, but their solutions are ineffective and will allow the bed bugs to continue thriving in your home. With our service, you can guarantee that your home will be eliminated entirely of bed bugs!


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