The Advantages Of Hiring a Bed Bug Dog

Bedbugs are small parasites and they are so tiny that they can hide in the most undetectable spaces. While it is possible to spot them with the human eye, it can be very hard to do, because they only come out in the late hours of the night to feed. Often times, they will only come out once a week depending on the size of your home bedbug infestation. Even though bed bug bites are painless and are not known to carry any diseases, it does not mean that they aren’t annoying. Due to their hard detection rates, many extermination companies have developed relationships with bedbug sniffing dogs. One company that would be proof of this would be Bed Bug Dog in NYC.

Why Use a Bedbug Dog

You might be thinking what in the world is a bedbug dog and why should I consider using one? Many companies have turned to the reliance of their K-9 detection dogs to sniff out bedbugs for one reason and one reason only. The reason would be that these dogs are much better bedbug detectors than humans. Many people may not want to hear that, but that is just the way it is. Humans have to rely on their eyes to spot bedbugs or their signs. In most cases a human will not even spot a bedbug and this will lead them to immediately suggesting treatment of the entire house.

However, a dog will be able to track the scent right down to the area, where the bedbugs are located. Instead of treating your whole house you will only need to treat the infected area.

How Bedbug Dogs Are Trained

Every bedbug dog will undergo rigorous training very similar to that of a narcotic sniffing and a bomb-sniffing dog. After several months of training the dog will be assigned to a handler.

Advantages of Using a Bedbug Dog

While bedbug detection dogs are relatively new to the extermination market, the idea is catching on. There are several advantages of using a dog for detection instead of relying on human detection, which is less effective.

One of the biggest advantages was mentioned above. Why treat the whole house when you can treat only the infected area. Humans will have to rely on the eyesight and instincts to spot a bedbug problem. If they can’t spot a bedbug, then they are going to suggest treating the whole house, which is going to cost you more money. Whereas a dog can track a bedbug right down to the infected area and you will only need to treat that particular area, which will save you tons of money.

Due to the fact that these dogs can pinpoint bedbugs, it is not only going to save your money, but it is going to save you precious time, as well.

Some bedbug detection methods put your furniture at risk, but not with a bedbug-sniffing dog, because they can get to the root of the problem in a much quicker manner.


As you can see there are several reasons to take advantage of this new cutting edge detection of bedbugs. However, you should make sure you do the proper research, before you just go out and hire a bedbug sniffing dog, because there could be many fakes out there.

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