Everything You Should Know Before Calling A Bed Bug Exterminator

In the past few years, bed bugs have taken over many major cities. They’ve managed to overtake the newspapers and have gained a lot of media coverage. This has put a lot of homeowners on edge, as they grow more and more concerned. Bed bugs are pesky critters and they’ve very hardy. They can easily infiltrate your home and once they’re there, they’re incredibly difficult to annihilate. It is highly recommended that you make contact with the best bed bug exterminator in Brooklyn to help you remedy the problem. Before doing that, you should proceed through the steps below!

Learn How To Identify The Bugs

First and foremost, you should familiarize yourself with these bugs. What do they look like and how can you identify them? These are both incredibly important questions that need to be answered. First, you should know that these bugs appear to be flat and they have a reddish-brown appearance. Generally, they’re between 4 to 5 mm long. Their size is very similar to an apple seed. There are several ways to identify an infestation and these will be listed below.

• Actually spotting the bug
• These bugs can shed their skin, as juveniles. Be sure to look out for these shells.
• Bed bugs are notorious for leaving behind large amounts of excrement. Inspect your home for sporadic accumulations of brown or black stains.
• These bugs feed on blood and blood alone. Therefore, they’re ferocious eaters and will bite their victims all over their bodies. Check your skin for tiny bites!

If you’ve identified one or more of the problems above, it is likely time to place a call to your local exterminator!

Ways To Avoid Getting Bed Bugs

The first action you take should be preventing an infestation. If your home is currently free of bed bugs, these steps could actually help you avoid a future problem. Below, you will find preventative measures that need to be taken!

• Never allow clothing, linen or other clutter to sit around your home. These items will only give the bugs a hiding place!
• You should make sure to wash and dry your bed linens frequently. Be sure to use the hottest temperature setting on your washer and drier.
• Before purchasing used furniture, you should check it over completely. Look for bloodstains and excrement. If these are visible, you shouldn’t bring the furniture into your home!
• Anytime you allow a guest to spend the night at your house, you should carefully inspect your home afterwards.

Although preventative measures cannot always stop an infestation, they will help decrease your likelihood of needing to utilize the services of one of the bed bug exterminators in Brooklyn, New York.

The Seriousness Of Bed Bugs

Many people see bed bugs as an annoyance and nothing more, but this is a misconception. These bugs can be a serious problem and could actually lead to health complications! These bugs are capable of carrying diseases. Thankfully, they generally do not transmit these diseases to humans. Remember that these bugs crave blood and they’ll do everything in their power to get it! Although their bites aren’t necessarily dangerous, some people will have a negative reaction when bitten.

Finally, you should understand that these bugs can reproduce rapidly! A small infestation can quickly explode into a massive problem. Each bug is capable of living for nearly 300 days, which complicates the problem even further. Therefore, taking corrective measures immediately is a must!


A bed bug infestation can be disheartening, but remember that you can rectify the problem. Once you’ve confirmed an infestation, you will immediately want to find a great exterminator and take full advantage of their treatment options!

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