Everything You Should Know About Bed Bug Dogs

Do you believe that you could be dealing with a bed bug infestation? This can be a terrible situation to find your self in. Once you realize that your home has been overrun, it is absolutely vital to identify the problem, take action and eliminate these critters. Of course, the first step of the process is actually identifying the problem. Some individuals will go many months, without realizing that they have bed bugs. Within this guide, you will learn about utilizing bed bug dogs in New York to quickly and effectively identify the problem.

Do Not Be Ashamed

Many homeowners will at first be ashamed of their bedbug infestation. Well, you should not be because this is a global issue that affects even the most prestigious homes and resorts. These tiny pests can hibernate inside of linen and mattresses, so you may never be able to detect them, until your problem has become a huge infestation. While many homeowners can successfully tackle a small bedbug contamination, an infestation will be impossible to eradicate.

Never hesitate to call a professional extermination company, just because you feel ashamed and embarrassed of your problem. The longer you wait, the worse your problem will become.

Benefits Of Using A Dog

When it comes down to it, you should definitely utilize a bed bug dog, before hiring an exterminator. By doing this, you will be able to actually identify the problem and locate the hiding spots of these critters. There are other ways to find these critters, but the techniques are time consuming and somewhat unreliable. Using a dog is tremendously effective and much quicker. By enlisting the help of a dog, it’ll be able to enter your home, scan all of the rooms and identify each of the major infestation points. This will give the exterminator a better starting point for eliminating the critters from your home!

Micro Sized Eggs

One female bedbug is capable of procreating several times throughout their lifespan. Each birth can bring hundreds of eggs, which have a transparent appearance and be around 1 mm in length. Most eggs will hatch within a week after birth, but this time frame can be altered due to temperature ranges. Eggs are exposed to colder temperature may not survive and if they do, they may take a little longer to hatch. Eggs that reside in a warm environment will be more viable and hatch much quicker.

A newborn bedbug or instar will need to immediately find a host, because they will require a feeding within the first three days of their life. A small instar will have difficulties finding a host, so they may not survive very long.


There are many things that can destroy your home’s serenity, but nothing is more detrimental than bed bugs. With this in mind, you will want to rely on the information above to help you proceed in the right manner. Once you read the information, you will discover the importance of hiring a bed bug dog to help you and your exterminator!

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