Avoiding The Best Bed Bug Exterminator In Brooklyn – Prevention Tips

Homeowners undeniably have an abundance of responsibility on their shoulders. Although owning a home is a luxury, it also comes with many difficulties, responsibilities and chores. For instance, the homeowner must go above and beyond to ensure that the home is well kept and pest free. Unfortunately, some pests, such as bed bugs, are capable of infiltrating even the tidiest of homes. Within this comprehensive article, you will learn how to avoid needing to make contact with the best bed bug exterminator in Brooklyn, by preventing an infestation in the first place.


Your Barrier


First and foremost, you will want to build an impenetrable barrier. Since it is impossible to put a balloon around your home, you will need to seal up the cracks and crevices in your walls. This is even more vital for individuals, who live in apartments, condos and houses within a close proximity to another. Utilizing a caulk gun and silicone will work exceptionally well for this particular purpose. If you wish to keep things stylish, you can use a paintable caulk. This will give you the ability to paint the caulk, so it matches your home’s color scheme.


Used Items


There are plenty of people, who love getting a good deal. Who doesn’t like paying $20 for a normally $50 item? Unfortunately, these stellar deals may come with a few unwanted surprises. Bed bugs are capable of taking shelter in these items. They can easily travel from one location to the next and will utilize used furniture and clothing, as a means of transportation. If you’re still going to purchase these items, make sure you carefully inspect them, before bringing them home. Also, you should consider washing and thoroughly drying these items.


Hotel Stays


Getting away from it all and taking a trip out of town can be excellent, relaxing and refreshing. Even a short vacation can give you the time to unwind and greatly reduce your stress. When traveling, it is almost certain that you’ll spend a little time at a hotel. Although this is unavoidable, it can also prove to be problematic. Hotels can be hotbeds for bed bugs. If you stay in an infested hotel, the bugs will swarm your clothing and luggage. Don’t skip the hotel stay. Just make sure you take the time to clean and dry your clothing thoroughly, before putting the items back into your closet or dresser drawers.




If you do not want to pay for the services of one of the best bed bug exterminators in Brooklyn, New York, you should utilize the tips above. Doing so will help you slim down the potential for an infestation, which could save you a headache and a bit of money in the future.


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