An Overview Of Bed Bug Exterminator Cost And Treatment Plans

A bedbug infestation is never something that a homeowner, landlord, or tenant looks forward to. When living in a subdivision or apartment complex, these infestations are inevitable. Many victims are ashamed of their situation and become so engrossed in trying to hide it that they fail to treat it appropriately. An untreated infestation will continue to spread until it spirals out of control. One of the first questions that you may have will involve the bed bug exterminator in Bronx cost. An extermination company will be able to answer this question and show you a list of treatment plans.


Which Countries Are Plagued With Bedbug Infestations?


Contrary to believe, bed bug infestations are not only prevalent in developing countries. They can be found throughout North and South America and continue spreading at a rapid speed. These insects were at one time contained throughout the United States, but unfortunately for everyone, they are making a huge comeback. Bedbug infestations not only plague residential establishments, since many commercial facilities have reported their presence. Bedbugs do not discriminate from one race to another so do not be surprised if you end up becoming the next victim.


If you plan on traveling during the holiday season, be sure to get educated on the very important preventive countermeasures. Cruise ships, public transportation, motels, dorm rooms, and boarding rooms are often


Common Bedbug Hiding Places


Bedbugs will hide anywhere in your home, as long as they can stay within proximity of their host. While, they most often prefer mattresses, bedframes, and box springs, they will hide in crevices and behind wallpaper. An adult will travel up to 100’ in one night, but they prefer to make their hideaway within 8’ of the host. If you discover bug bites on your body, you should start an immediate investigation of your home. Be sure to investigate the above areas very thoroughly, before moving on to other areas.


Sweet Musty Odor


When you are doing your investigation, you should also look for a sweet musty odor. Many experts have reported a bedbug infestation odor that replicated overripe strawberries. It is important to note that this odor may not always be detected, but in severe cases it is always a possibility. Do not become alarmed if you sense this odor, because it is very common.


Bedbug Prevention


While there is no 100% guarantee that you will never get an infestation, there are some things that you can do to prevent it. It is crucial to vacuum your carpet at least every other day, because bedbugs like to bury deep in the carpet fibers next to baseboards. You can also vacuum your mattress and box spring every month. When washing and drying your bed linen, it is important to utilize the maximum temperature setting. Heat can eradicate bedbugs, but they must be exposed to the heat for about 15 minutes.


If you have stuffed animals in your home, you should toss them in the washer and dryer, as well. If they are unused, you may want to store them in a sealed plastic container or donate them to Hospice or a family member. Be sure to speak with your local exterminator about the bed bug exterminator in Bronx cost.